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Also referred to as electric cords, power cords can be used to transfer direct electrical current (DC) or alternating electrical current (AC). Most cords are AC power cords that conduct energy in which the direction of current flow is periodically reversed. The power supply cord, or cable assembly, is comprised of a wire composed of highly conductive material such as copper, surrounded by an insulative material and then sealed in a protective outer jacket, with a plug cover to ensure safety around the electrical outlet. In North America, NEMA power cords (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) are the standard for electrical plugs, cord voltage capabilities and receptacle configuration. International power cords and plug adapters are used in conjunction with electrical appliances in countries different from those in which they were designed to operate. Cord sets are used in any application which requires the existence of electrical energy to operate, such as office space, industrial operations, medical machinery, commercial appliances etc. For specialty equipment such as construction machinery, sound and lighting equipment, emergency medical defibrillators and electrical power tools, used in locations without a convenient power source, extension cords are used to carry the electrical current up to hundreds of feet away from an outlet.

When determining the appropriate power cord type to be used for different applications, there are many factors to be considered such as equipment location, duration of use, strain of the operation etc. Power cord manufacturers adhere to standard regulations for voltage ratings, current, wire diameter and length, jacket material, maximum cable temperature, as well as the type of molded plug and female receptacle to be used. The capability of a cord to successfully handle the required flow of electrical energy will depend on these factors, and the quality of electricity transmitted will be affected accordingly. Cord wire sizes and voltage capacities are designated according to the American Wire Gauge (AWG) standards. The appropriate wire size is therefore determined by the amount of voltage required to flow through the cord. Wire shape can be either flat or round according to whichever is more appropriate for the application. Jacket material is another consideration and may be determined by the intended use and location of the power cord. For example, if the cord is purposed for rugged, outdoor usage, a jacket material will be waterproof and more durable than a cord intended only for use indoors, for instance with a laptop computer. Another consideration for jackets is the possible existence of electromagnetic interference and whether or not the wires in a power cord require further protection, such as those used with medical equipment.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Kord King

Lancaster, PA | 800-818-4916

Kord King has manufacturing experience dating back to 1980 and our teams work hard to bring you fantastic products. All of our cord sets are extensively tested and we will work with you every step of the way to meet your needs. Our products can be manufactured to meet MIL 105 specifications and we are committed to improving the quality of our power cords. Please visit our website or give us a call today to learn more information!

Quail Electronics, Inc.

Livermore, CA | 800-669-8090

We manufacture a full range of electronic solutions such as power strips, North American power cords, International power cords, jumper cords, hospital grade power cords, high voltage current cords, bulk wire, cable retention systems and much more. These high performance products come at a very fair price. Turn to Quail Electronics, Inc. for uncompromising solutions.

Signal and Power Delivery Systems, Inc.

Campbell, CA | 888-788-4884

You can count on Signal and Power Delivery Systems, Inc. to provide you with the best power cords. Our cost efficient solutions are long-lasting and it is our mission to exceed your expectations. Our innovated solutions are reliable and offer hassle-free performance. If you have any questions about our products or services then please give one of our representatives a call today and we can provide you with more information.

United Universal Industries, Inc.

Joliet, IL | 800-683-7228

United Universal Industries, Inc. is a trusted manufacturer of high quality power cords and our unprecedented solutions are utilized in a wide range of industries. We offer a number of stock power cords which means we will deliver all of your orders in a very timely manner. It is our mission to exceed all of your expectations. Our experts are available to assist you with determining the best power cord for your application. Feel free to give us a call today to learn more information!

Remke Industries

Wheeling, IL | 877-438-8833

Here at Remke Industries, we provide high quality power cords, electrical connectors, cord sets, and cord grips. For more than 50 years, we have been designing and manufacture industrial-strength electrical connectors and cord sets. We have become well known for our focus, depth, flexibility, and personalized service. Find your electronic component solutions with Remke! Connect with us today!

MEGA Electronics, Inc.

New Brunswick, NJ | 732-249-2656

Specializing in the design and manufacture of electronic power components, MEGA Electronics has the power cords, power supplies, and converters you need. We handle every stage of production in-house, from extrusion to molding, so that we can provide high quality power cords at competitive prices. We have a power cord for practically any application, and we even provide power cords that conform to country-specific standards. Visit us online for a complete look at our entire selection of power cords!

One end of the power cord holds an electrical plug known as male, which connects to the main power supply through an electrical outlet. The two most commonly used plugs in North America are: Type A plugs and Type B plugs. Type A plugs have two conducting prongs, and Type B plugs have a third prong which, in addition to supplying electrical current flow, connects the power cord to a grounding rod. The prongs on the electrical plug fit into the corresponding holes in the wall socket, or electrical receptacle, thus providing a connection to allow the flow of electrical energy from the power source, through the extension cord and to the appliance. The optimum flow of energy through the power cord depends on a tight fit between the socket and the plug. Electricity flows through the connection and the conducting material in the power cord to the electrical equipment.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is responsible for setting the stringent standards used in North America for electrical supply components, and this ensures a high quality of electrical supply is maintained. Other countries have their own voltage systems and electrical component layouts, and so those respective countries determine the standards and controls implemented in their power cords. Manufacturing standards such as those enforced by NEMA help to maintain consistency in power cord production, and decrease the chance of malfunctions due to quality standards. As with any component used in the transferring of electrical power, there are important safety precautions to be undertaken in the use of power cords. Personal injury, death and/or extensive property damage can occur as the result of deterioration, malfunction or misuse of electrical equipment, and it is important for there to be measures in place to reduce these risks. Polarization, or grounding, is an important aspect of electrical plugs and appliances, especially for higher voltage appliances or for electrical equipment that has a higher risk of causing electric shock when live. Sensitive electrical equipment and products should only be used with polarized or grounded cord sets. Other safety precautions for electrical supply components include plug covers, waterproof protective materials, fuses and circuit breakers.
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